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I'm a single mother with a disabling illness (Rheumatoid Arthritis among others) raising two teenagers with health problems of their own.


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Two ways to increase your cashflow: increase income and/or cut expenses

So here’s my problem. I have enough money to manage at the moment, but my income is going to be cut over the next four years.  And the cuts start...
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Plan: Increase house value – prepare the herb and vegetable garden bed

I have finished planting out the first garden bed.  It took me a week to do what probably would have taken a normal person a day. Such is life with...

Plan: Increase house value – Start planting the garden beds

An attractive garden increases the value of a house Ok, I think I’ve already said that I’m a hopeless gardener.  Like, really hopeless.  I have tried and failed many times before. ...

Plan: Increase house value – Keep Track of Expenses

What’s the definition of a good plan?  It has to be ‘SMART’ – specific, measurable, action-driven, realistic, and time-bound? I’m suddenly going back to my days of being a project...

Plan: Increase house value – What the backyard looked like before

When I bought this house, I bought it at around $15-25K less than the market value.   Someone actually tried to gazump me…but I prevailed.  I felt like that was...

The Goal: To create an income from the couch

Ok, post number one.  As stated in my ‘About’ page, I’m a single mother, I have a disabling disease (Rheumatoid Arthritis, amongst other things) and two high maintenance teenagers. My...