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It’s that time of year again.  A New Year.  A bright, shiny, untarnished new year.  One that I have decided to approach as a year filled with endless possibilities.   You see, 2011 pretty much sucked.  So, I’m all for seeing it left behind.

But not before doing a post-mortem.  I honestly believe that if you don’t look at the things that happen to you, good or bad, you won’t learn from them.  But once you’ve found the lesson, move on.

So here goes.

Despite being one of those independent career women, with the means to make my own way financially in the world, I let myself become emotionally dependent.   I allowed myself to be sucked along (kicking and screaming) by a host of decisions I was given no input into. Not small decisions either.  The end result was relocation.  I let my husband use the fact that I didn’t want to be separated from my daughter, against me.

He was wrong to do that.  But I was also wrong to let it happen.

I’d always thought that financial security – having a good job—would mean I could see my way in the world.  Single, married or divorced.  I wouldn’t be one of those women whose life lay in financial ruin when their husbands walked out.  But regardless of the independent income and job, that’s not entirely how it has turned out.

I am fortunate to have a very considerate employer who is allowing me to telecommute, or work remotely; so much to my amazement my income hasn’t disappeared.  But how long can I expect that to continue? Realistically, I know the arrangement has to end.   And then I will be beholden to my husband and his income.

Unless I do something.

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I can’t go back to our old life for a host of reasons, but I can build a new life for me and my daughter should my marriage fail (it’s on the brink).  Like it or not, our society runs on money, so that’s my focus.  Money certainly can’t buy happiness, but it does buy freedom.

And since it’s a relocation that has put my income under threat, I’ll be looking to protect from that in the future.  So, now that I understand how I got here, and accept I am at least partly responsible, 2012 is about making some big changes.  (This is the moving on part of learning the lesson)

My current work arrangement, a job I enjoy, will end.  That is a given that I cannot ignore.  I certainly can find work locally, and that will be a solid Plan B, but once you have worked from home, it’s difficult to commit permanently to the 9am-5pm shuffle – at least on a fulltime basis.

Besides, I’m very drawn to the idea of having a location independent income.  If I have to make a change, why not go for the dream?  Earn an income from anywhere.

I am fortunate to have some time on my side.  I still have a job income to fall back on while I try to build a location independent income.  During this time, I’ll be squeezing every dollar possible out of my monthly budget to rebuild decimated emergency funds, and even out future income earning peaks and troughs.

That’s the vision.

The targets I have in mind are fairly aggressive.  That’s just me.  I tend to be single-minded in my focus, and I set big goals.  I fully expect that the first few months will look like I’m failing, and that in part is intentional.  If something is too easy I lose interest.  But when I’m told something is impossible, or that I suck at it?  Watch out.

My next post will lay out my high level “plan” or goals and then the search for location independent incomes will begin in earnest.   I have a tendency towards procrastination, and with a job income, it could be easy to become complacent.  That’s where Centsable Chicks readers come in.

I hope you will join me in exploring the endless possibilities 2012 has to offer, and keep me accountable through the comments form, as I record the results on this blog.

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