HubPages Revisited – Adsense vs. HubPages Ad Program – Which Pays Better?

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Anyone who has read my monthly income reports knows that my first efforts at making money online involved writing for content mills and revenue share sites.  The ones hit by Google’s Panda algorithm changes.  Hard.

HubPages is one of those sites.  I have fewer than 20 hubs that monetized under a revenue share program with Google Adsense made on average $ 2-$3 per month.  $3 was a good month and $0 was a bad month.

Traffic to HubPages (well my Hubs, anyway) all but disappeared after the early rounds of Google’s algorithm changes.  To try counter the effects, HubPages introduced sub domains.  Around the same time, they also introduced an Ad program that took the focus off Google Adsense ads.  Most of the ads on a Hub enrolled in the HubPages Ad Program come from advertising deals negotiated by HubPages.  A couple of ad slots still remain dedicated to Google Adsense, however.

The expectation is that Adsense revenue would fall, but hopefully not disappear entirely once a Hubber signed up for the HubPages Ad Program.  So the big question is, can the Ad Program make up or even exceed the difference?

Given I had very little traffic to my hubs and the best of the best Hubbers were departing HubPages in droves, I didn’t sign up for the Hubpages Ad Program.  And I was still struggling to make my first Google Adsense payout.  Even if it was only $2 a month, I couldn’t really afford to lose the Adsense income and delay my first $100 check.

That changed this month.  Why?  Two reasons.

Firstly and most importantly late last year traffic to my hubs slowly started to increase, and secondly, I realized the best Hubbers left to replicate their success on platforms they deemed to have a more visible earnings model.  I didn’t really have any success to emulate elsewhere, or the inclination to move my articles. So what did I have to lose by signing up?

Only my tiny earnings.

How does the HubPages Ad Program work?

Under Adsense a Hubber gets paid whenever a reader of his hubs clicks on an advertisement.  This means, depending on your niche, that you get paid infrequently.  Especially when you only have a handful of hubs like I have.  Add to that, Google have a $100 payment threshold you need to reach before they will cut you a check, and it means you can be waiting a while for your first check from Google.

In contrast, the HubPages Ad Program pays on impressions, so you get paid whenever anyone reads your hub.  This works particularly well for high traffic hubs in niches with low click through rates or a low cost per click.

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In theory, under the HubPages Ad Programs impression model you will likely see some earnings everyday in your HubPages Ad Program account.  This can be motivating if you are starting out on you make money online journey.

Early HubPages Ad Program Results.

After one day the HubPages Ad Program is reporting earnings of 10 cents.

This doesn’t sound like a lot, and if that is an indicative daily average, my monthly income from HubPages isn’t likely to change much.  Though there is still the potential for Adsense earnings as well, as one ad block remains an Adsense ad block on each hub signed up under the Hubpages Ad Program.

After 7 days, my average daily revenue is up to 21 cents per day.  At the 10 day mark my average daily revenue is holding steady at just over 21 cents per day.

If this average holds, I can expect to make just over $6 in a 30 day month, which would match my best month ever under Google Adsense.  And I don’t think I can complain about that.

Also in favor of the Ad Program is the payment threshold which is currently set at $50.  Payments are only paid into a PayPal account, which Hubbers new and old have mixed feelings about.

The downside of signing up for the Ad Program is making that payout amount. At 20 cents per day, that payout is a long time coming (250 days!).

So, by signing up I have also committed to trying to increase my daily revenue to the level where I will make payout every second month – that is about 85 cents a day…or just over $25 a month.

That means publishing Hubs…

HubPages earnings are reported in the Content Mills category on my monthly income reports should you wish to follow my ongoing progress.  My monthly target for content mill earnings is $200 per month by year end.   The above goal of $25 per month is still a long way from that target…

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6 thoughts on “HubPages Revisited – Adsense vs. HubPages Ad Program – Which Pays Better?”

    1. That is an awesome start. If you keep at it, you will be abtseuolly killing it in a few months. I hope to be right there with you this time next month. I am trying to create 100 hubs, 100 infobarrels AND 100 EZA articles in August. This will test my creativity to the limits but if I can get there ..Why not give it a real shot and see what happens? The worse thing that could happen is that I waste a few hours writing articles instead of sitting in front of the TV getting fatter.

  1. It takes quite a bit of effort to actually make money with the Ad Program, meaning that you have to publish or backlink like crazy to get traffic. But just like a blog, if you do so consistently, you will gradually see growth.

    I am making 90% of my AdSense earnings from self hosted blogs. It would take me almost 2 years to get to Google’s pay out with solely HubPages. So I am using blogging for AdSense and HubPages for views through the Ad Program. It seems to be working better and better.

    1. How long did it take before you were mankig money from hubpgaes and info barrel? I have written about 20 hubpages and 30 infobarrels. My info barrels are doing a lot better than my hubpages. The total amount I have made in the past 2 weeks (I started 2 weeks ago) is $8. After a month do your articles gain a lot more authority? I noticed some of mine went from the first page of google to the third or fourth page. Any Idea why?

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