Making $1000 a day as a Kindle Indie Author

by Centsable One on March 18, 2012 · 1 comment

Anyone who has been following my mission to build a location independent income will know that one of the income streams I plan to target this year is via self publishing on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

So far I haven’t spent much time on this stream of income because, well, out of the 5 income streams I’m targeting, I’m least familiar with the world of self publishing via Kindle.  And I don’t have anything ready to publish.

Committing to publish my income figures monthly on this blog has been somewhat of a double edged sword.  On the positive side, it keeps me accountable and keeps me motivated to try new things in the quest to build my location independent income.  For example, last month, I finally got around to setting up a twitter account for one of my blogs.

On the negative side, I tend to focus my time on the things most likely to have an immediate effect on income – like posting to the blog that is actually getting traffic – even if it isn’t what I should be working on to maximize my long term income.

And that is why I have spent no time on the Kindle stream of income.  I can’t see it bearing fruit within a month and giving me a boost on my monthly earnings report.

A thread on Reddit, however, has changed all that.

If you click through the link you will see it is forum post by an author celebrating breaking the $1000 a day income barrier selling Kindle eBooks for the first time.

And no that was not a typo – $1000 in a day.

If you read through the thread, you’ll notice a few things:

  • It didn’t happen overnight:  the journey from $0 a day to $1000 a day took 8 months.
  • The writer is prolific.  At the time the thread was written he had 80 titles for sale as eBooks on the Kindle platform, mostly as short stories, compilations of the short stories and novellas.
  • His titles are in multiple genres including kids titles, non-fiction, science fiction and erotic romance.
  • He believes a good cover, great blurb (description of your book that convinces the reader to buy, and a solid linking strategy is more important than great content.  I’m sure the content still has to be good, otherwise you’ll only have one-off readers…

Will this strategy work for everyone?  Only time will tell.  But with 8 months left on my 12 month quest to building a location independent income, I’ve decided I’d better get cracking.

Fortunately, by goals aren’t as lofty as making $1000 a day self publishing on Kindle eBooks. From what I’ve read on Kindle indie author websites, my $200 a month goal, which breaks down to $6.67 a day, isn’t an unachievable target.

So, much time this month has been devoted to writing a short story or two (it appears I can’t work on just one thing at a time) to publish as an eBook on the Kindle self-publishing platform.  It’s closing in on the end of the month and I have two short stories sitting at the 1200 work mark, with a target length of 4000-5000 words.  I’m not sure either will go up this month, but at the very least look out for more posts on Kindle self-publishing on Centsable Chicks over the next month.

And if you’d like to follow a case study that’s a little further progressed than this one?  Tracey Edwards over at is quite a bit further ahead in testing of the Throwaway Writer Method of Making $1,000 a Day Writing.

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