How to keep lettuce fresh

by CentsableToo on May 20, 2013 · 2 comments

Ok, it’s not summer anymore, but a salad is still nice sometimes….and adding lettuce to a ham sandwich also adds a whole lot of freshness.  I love lettuce.  I swear just having some lettuce makes up for that chocolate I ate last night, and makes me feel like a whole world of healthy!

But…I buy a lettuce.  I put in in the fridge.  I promptly forget it exists.  Four days later I feel like salad, but it’s gone all limp and brown at the edges and very sad looking.  It doesn’t look healthy anymore, let alone do anything for my health.  I sure don’t want to eat it. At.  All.

So.  How do you prevent that?

(Well, eat it the day you bought it…)

Besides that!  If you store it correctly, it will keep for several days.  Two weeks, even.

So, how do I store lettuce so that it stays fresh?

1. First, get a really good quality fresh lettuce.

fresh lettuce









2. Next, chop it into leaves.  Wash them thoroughly.

3.  Then put them in the spinner to dry them really well.

4.  Find yourself a clean tea towel.  Wet it and then wring it out.  It should just be damp…not wet!

fresh lettuce









5.  Wrap your lettuce in the tea towel GENTLY!










6.  Then put the whole lot in a freezer bag.  Now put it in the fridge.









7. DON’T put something on top of it and squish it, like my son did.

If you store lettuce this way, you’ll have fresh lettuce leaves for at least ten days and up to two weeks.  So you can add fresh lettuce to your kid’s sandwiches (and yours) without most of it going to waste and being thrown away.

And you’ll feel healthy…and you won’t be wasting your money on brown lettuce!

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